Monday, August 27, 2012

North, South, East, West?

Here is what I came up with this morning.  Well, afternoon actually.  But, anyway.  I'm trying to decide on the orientation of the circle.  Any preferences?  I took a class recently with Philippa Naylor (great teacher, btw) and she suggested "weighting" your pieces toward the bottom.  None of mine exactly do that and I probably could have achieved a better result at doing that had I put my initial circle (see yesterday's post) at a different angle.  Live and learn.  Anyway, will look at it for a while.  As you see it is how it's to be taken to class so I don't have to make a decision until mid-October.

Later today on to the third one.  Then I'll be ready for that class.

I'm also taking two one-day classes with Gloria Loughman at the Mancuso show in Oaks, Pa. in mid-September and frankly those two day classes have me in a quandry.  For the first day we have to bring a photo of something we'd like to do in class, a landscape.  My photography is not good, so I've been running around like a fiend trying to take a decent photo.  With not much luck.   The third class I'll be taking there is with Robbi Joy Eklow which is a more spontaneous class I think.  Anyway, looking forward to those classes.  


  1. I like no.1 or no. 4!
    Sounds like you are taking some fun classes.

    1. Funny, but those are the two I'm leaning towards also. And I'm looking forward to the classes. These are the only ones my budget will allow until next summer.

  2. I also like #1 and #4. Great color and fabric choices!


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