Sunday, November 18, 2012

Circles and curves

I've managed to complete two small pieces in the past month.  You've seen both as I was working on them but they're complete now.  I enjoyed everything about working on these two pieces.  I love the fabrics, I'm happy with the composition and I tried difference free motion quilting motifs and am pleased with them.

Plus I've decided to open an Etsy shop in hopes of selling some of my works.  There are only so many walls in my house and so many beds on which to display my quilts, so I'm hoping someone else will like them and find a place for them in their home.  In addition it's an impetus to get some of the smaller works I have lurking around that are not completed finished.  We shall see.

To see closer views of the pieces you can click on the items in the shop and get more detailed views.  I hope you enjoy them, even if you aren't considering them for purchase.

Dena Crain Work

Dena Crain Work
Tesselated Design