Saturday, July 16, 2011

Serendipity quilt

Just came back from a two day workshop with Susan Carlson in Harpswell, Maine.  Great fun.  Fantastic venue!  The chameleon is the creature I decided to do.  Need advice on background.  Blue (dramatic) or green (as if he's in the wild).  What do you think? 

Also need help on adding links, but that's for another day. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Trying again

This is my second attempt to write a new post on my blog.  In about a week I will be going to Quilting by the Lake near Syracuse, NY.   I have never submitted a quilt to a show other than my local quilt guild's show but QBL always has a quilt show that runs the same time as the classes.  This year I decided to be brave and enter two recent quilts.  This is not a juried show just an opportunity to showcase you work. 

In a previous attempt at adding a post to my blog the entries came in reversed.  I have no idea what will happen this time.  In any case, the yellow one is based on the class that I took last year at QBL from Sue Benner.  I loved this class!  She's a great teacher.  The other quilt represents the work I did from a workshop with a fellow quilter in my home town.  I had just bought the book by Edrika Huws and decided to use her technique for construction.  She hand sewed her pieces together.  I glued mine.    Anyway, here they are.  Who knows which one will appear first. 

Dena Crain Work

Dena Crain Work
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