Monday, January 20, 2014

Which is better? this or this?

Just went for my annual eye exam.  And you know that dreaded "which is clearer, this or this?" and basically you can't see a bit of difference?  Well, I'm giving you a choice but there more than two options.  I've been continuing to make more hexagons, basically six at a time but trying to stick to a color for each set of six.  So far I've done four arrangements on my design wall.  The circular one is my latest attempt.  I like the way the colors flow from lightest in the center to darker on the outside.  But I think I'm losing the hexagon effect.  Maybe that's not so important but I would like to showcase the idea that they are hexagons.  Would I be better off to separate them with little setting triangles?  Take a look at the post from a few days ago and compare the photos with this one.  I'm giving you something to think about today and hopefully by tomorrow I will have separated them with fabric  between each hexagon.  That's the plan anyway.  By tomorrow you'll be able to consider, which is clearer, number 3 or number 4?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Moving right along--finally

Decisions, decisions.  I've been adding more hexagons based on the techniques from 15 Minutes of Play workshop that I took back in December before I broke my hand.  At first I was going to arrange them by color, graduation from lights on one side to darks on the other.  The photos reflect the latest attempts at the top, with the first attempts in the last photo).  In the first photo I've mixed the top half trying to mix the values but the bottom half is still a work in progress.  This probably makes no sense to you, the reader.  This was the result of an idea that popped into my brain and I thought I'd mix the hexagons up and intersperse lights with the darks trying to work with value.   The middle and last photos show the hexagons groups be color.   Not sure where I'll be going with this.  I have been continuing to make groups of pale yellows, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, dark  purple, brown, etc.  Any advice? It is fun to go through my scraps (and al the "flowers" are made using only scraps.  Nothing is cut from yardage.)

Dena Crain Work

Dena Crain Work
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