Friday, August 8, 2014

Six sides from a square

This quilt has been done for many weeks but in the original rectangular shape I'd used for its construction.  I delayed finishing it because I was uncertain whether or not to square it off and put a border, bind it with the uneven edges, or what…Then a good quilting friend suggested I make the final shape a hexagon and I immediately liked the idea.  However, it was a rectangle and how to measure to make it six sides.  A youtube video to the rescue.  Here is is all cut.  I'm standing at the side trying to avoid sun on the lens so it doesn't look quite even, but it really is.  May not be  a perfect hexagon I'm happy with it.  I tried several orientations but I think I like this one with the yellows on the left the best. I love making quilts in which the colors move around kind of like a color wheel (though this one does not reflect the true placement of various colors.

Now to decide on a quilting motif.  Decisions, decisions.

Dena Crain Work

Dena Crain Work
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