Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can I do it again?

In an effort to see if I really can continue to upload photos to my blog, I made another attempt.  Success!  Maybe this isn't so hard after all.

The above quilt photo was taken on my patio several weeks ago.  I am in the process of taking photos of all my quilts and documenting them.  Unfortunately I have no area in the yard from which I can display my quilts so you can see the entire quilt.  This particular quilt is hand appliquéd and each of the blocks were designed and drafted by my husband.  They are all replicas of blocks from antique quilts.  At the moment I cannot recall which book he used as a reference.  It is especially important to me because of his involvement in its design.  We had great fun decided which blocks to include.  The fabric choices were up to me.  The entire quilt took about 15 years to complete, from drafting to completion.  The quilting was done on a longarm machine (but not by me) using a design based on the designs by Karen MacTavish.  I managed to complete it before my husband passed away two years ago.


  1. your quilt is beautiful.......and so special.....

    1. Meant to reply under your comment. Somehow first attempt ended in the comment list. Someday I'll get this all together.

  2. Sally, It's lovely and such a nice tribute to your marriage and your husband! What a wonderful keepsake. I love the colors/fabrics you different and beautiful!

  3. Thank you. It's one of my favorites.


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