Saturday, July 12, 2014

Well, finally I have some news to report.  I've actually finished, well, almost, finished two quilts.
I have been somewhat distracted with knitting projects.  But anyway, I my interest in quilting has finally returned.  I finished quilting the fractured quilt I started last July at Quilting by the Lake with Kathy Doughty.  It's quilted but the binding is not on yet (my least favorite part of the process).  And I've finished assembling a quilted started back in December in a class started with Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  Both Victoria and Kathy are superb  teachers.  I loved both of these classes and the process for both.  I love trying to play around with colors moving around the piece.  Actually the Fractured Quilt is upside down.  The purple/pink should be in the upper left corner but I was trying to take the photo before an upcoming storm.  In any case I hope you enjoy the quilts.  I sure did enjoy the process.  The hexagon quilt could have been improved with a different lay out, but at some point I've found I just have to say, finish it and move on...


  1. I love your fractured quilt, all of the colors, and the way they spread across the quilt.

  2. Oh my gosh... Sally!! They are both fabulous, but I love, love, love the Fractured quilt. It's so wonderful. All that glorious color. Wow.

    1. Thanks, Terri. I'm actually thinking of doing another one with whites as the background color, like you and Wanda did.


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