Saturday, December 21, 2013

Start but no finish

I'm operating here at a distinct disadvantage  the result of a fall recently that resulted in a broken right hand.  So moving things around on the screen is a bit difficult.  Thus no narrative until after the photos.

Anyway my daughter and I recently took a workshop with Victoria Findlay Wolfe called 15 Minutes of play.  What fun and very liberating.  Basically you construct "made-fabric" and then cut your shapes from your newly constructed fabric.  The method allows you to place your template or cut your shape featuring precisely what area you want for the finished sake.  The third photo shows the over-sized shape you start with.  I chose to do a hexagon shape.  Again I'm going to try to move color areas around the piece.  However I'm at a stand still because of my hand.  My daughter and I were on our way to her evening lecture and trunk show when I fell.  A trip to the ER resulted instead of enjoying Victoria's lecture.  A real disappointment!

If you ever get a chance to take her workshop don't hesitate.  She's enthusiastic, warm, creative and a great teacher.  Very inspiring and encourages you to ask  "way if… ?"  She is the author of the book 15 Minutes of Play"  and has a great blog called Bumblebeans where you can follow her creative endeavors. 


  1. Sorry to read about your hand. Love the colour in your hexagons, yes Victoria is great and her book (which I have) is super.

    1. Thank you. I can't wait to get back to working on them!


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