Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Effort at framing

First I want to give myself a big pat on the back for figuring out how to add photos in a relatively easy, quick manner.  Seems I've been choosing the option of "pictures" versus "photos" on my Mac.  Who knew!  I've been successful at sending photos via e-mail so I guess I've finally gotten the hang of it.

But, I digress.  A few days ago I got a newsletter from Quilting Daily in which they advertised a free pdf on 12 ways to bind a quilt, articles written by 4 or 5 fabric artists.  Of course, I'm addicted to all quilt/knitting lessons of any kind, particularly if they're free.  So I immediately took myself to the site and printed off the article.  Later that night I decided to read through the information more thoroughly and in the information written by Lyric Kinard  she discussed framing your work.  I am not a big fan of wall hangings, though I do make them because I have enough large bed-sized quilts, and my list of quilts on my want to do list is ever-growing, so I do find myself making wall hanging sized work.  But--I just don't like the way they're kind of limp against the wall.  So--above is my first effort at framing a piece I just finished.

 The frame was purchased at the local OddLot for the bargain price of $8.00.  Yes, I had to chop some of my work off.  And, no, it doesn't have non-glare glass and there is no space between the glass and the work itself, but I'm pretty pleased with the final effect.  Since the success? of this effort I've been investigating cutting mats myself, different frames, shadow boxes, etc.  There's a whole world of options out there it seems.  I started the search for materials to do my own matting and framing came about after I was quoted $480 for matting and framing a piece that measures 29" x 35".  Needless to say the piece came home with me, unframed while I investigate my options.  Maybe I'll end up having to have it framed by someone else, but in the meantime I'm going to see what solutions I can find to doing it myself.

If anyone has any recommendations or advice I'd love to hear it.


  1. It looks lovely. The black/dark frame really sets off the quilt itself. Very nicely done, Sally.

  2. I think you did a great job! I'm not sure matting would be right for this piece. And I totally understand about too many large quilts, so I often do tapestries and postcards!

    1. I know--I'm struggling with how to properly hang some of my work. Would like to get some up on the walls so I can see them. Maybe I should consider some stretched canvas process. Oh--sp much to learn...


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