Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some old work

I thought I would post some photos of some of my quilts that are favorites of mine.  These are not new quilts but ones with colors that make me happy.  This one is the result of a class I took at the http://www.cityquilter.com/ with Kaffe Fassett and Liza Lucy Pryor.  Students were asked to bring in a variety of fabric in any color we chose.  I chose all shades of red from fuschia through cranberry, burgundy, etc.  I found Kaffe to be very supportive with his suggestions of where to put what.  The most tedious part was sewing the corners onto the squares.  I used various shades of his shot cottons and other greens.  Much fun!

This next quilt was from a pattern I purchased at Cottonseed Glory in Annapolis, Md. I remember dragging my husband and daughter there on one of our "let's drive to ... to this quilt shop I read about".  What a fantastic shop--lots nice bright bright fabrics from my favorite designers.  This one is made from a lot of Amy Butler fabrics (13, I think) and is somewhat reminiscent of a Turning Twenty quilt, but is from a similar pattern whose title I cannot recall.  It was great fun for the three of us to join in the selection process.   It reminds my of a quilt titled Yellow Potpourri  in Kaffe's newest book.  In fact I have some yellows all picked out and ready for cutting for this version.

And the final quilt is the result of a class also at The City Quilter with Liza Lucy Prior.  It was also great fun and was a project in using a color and its complement.  I started with a quirky apricot/peach color.  I like this quilt a lot and again have fabrics picked out for a new version.  Have I started it yet?  Of course not.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at them.                                               


  1. love your color scheme! consistent and fabulous!
    I meant to get down to the Kaffe mini lecture, but had to bail out at the last minute... Looks like you had fun!

  2. I love your quilts! Wonderful fabric and color choices!


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