Sunday, March 14, 2010

Climbing to the top...maybe

I'm just about to get back to finishing the Jacob's Ladder project from Kellie of Don't Look Now quilt along.  Sorry, but I haven't yet figured out how to rename the link.  Will  work on it in a minute.  Anyway, her directions are for 49 blocks.  No way!!! I think I'm stopping at 10-15, not that I don't love it.  I just don't want to make it bed size.  It was my husband's idea for the background color and I'm so glad he suggested cerise.  Originally I'd planned for either white or a bright blue batik, but he came up with the cerise suggestion.  Had to look long and hard for the right color.  I went to and searched under cerise and found a site that had 1 yd.  Then I continued searching and found the exact same fabric called peony.  What luck.  It was an exact match.
Anyway, here they are laid out on a table top.  I'm working on finishing another top right now but the Jacob's Ladder is next in the line.  Here's a photo:

Each of the arcs has orange in it somewhere.  I actually love the color combination--makes me happy.

Well, off to work on another project so that I can get to finishing this one soon.

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  1. It's absolutely gorgeous Sally! And, your husband has wonderful color sense! Lucky you!


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